Guangbo launches a series of hand notebook of "know"
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      Recently, in the Tmall flagship store of Guangbo, a mobile account named "see a gentleman" just hit the shelves, causing a scramble, in less than a minute, the number of pre-orders exceeded 500 sets.

      This pricing 129 yuan, an expensive hand notebook, how can cause such a big stir? Originally, this is Guangbo stationery fashion life brand Kinbor joint TV series "Know? Know? Should be green or fat " (hereinafter referred to as the "know") hand notebook products. In addition, it also has other ten kinds of hand notebook, paper and glue joint series products.

       It is reported, teleplay "know, know, whether should be green or fat" with IP of well-known literature is adapted, produced by famous production team midday sunshine. Through the northern song dynasty official family girl Ming Lan's growth, love, marriage story, it has unfolded by the boudoir girl to a mistress's life picture scroll, narrating a family house's prosperity, under the ancient etiquette system female struggle legend. The design concept of Kinbor co-branded products is also derived from various elements of the show.

      Of course, this is not Guangbo product "electric shock" for the first time. Some time ago, hit drama "cool, we can not sorrow," Guangbo fashion office stationery brand Fizz had many stunning appearance. With high level and fashionable design, became the fans’ focus at that time.

      The "know" series is another bold attempt of Guangbo in the fashion creative stationery market, which not only broadens the cooperation IP network, but also further builds the brand awareness and reputation. In recent years, Guangbo targets consumer upgrade opportunity, greatly promotes the transformation and upgrading of the stationery industry, as an opportunity to launch Kinbor and Fizz brand, successfully exploring this new fashion creative stationery market. Through accurate marketing, online and offline activities, it has attracted a large number of fans. After gradually stabilizing the market position, nowadays Guangbo is targeting the cooperation with each big IP. For the Disney series, it has launched "beauty and the beast", "Mickey Mouse", "Donald Duck" these joint series products. In addition, it has cooperated with Hello Kitty, pirates of the Caribbean, butter camera and other well-known IP to launch numerous derivative series of products, which further expands the audience group of Guangbo products and strengthens the brand image.

      In the future, Guangbo will continue to extend the product width, and increase the intensity of interdisciplinary cooperation. It strives to launch more joint products with more famous IP, promot the overall upgrading of stationery industry and let the stationery have more cultural connotation and value.


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