Establish the present, seek development, create future – Guangbo Group held 2019 economic work conference
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On January 22, Guangbo Group grandly held the economic work conference in 2019. All middle-level cadres, representatives of excellent employees and advanced workers of the group gathered together to review the work in 2018, analyze problems, point out shortcomings and plan the development blueprint of 2019.

At the meeting, Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, made the 2018 annual work report. Representatives of each branch, production system and department reported the work of the past year to the conference. The audit department of the group company made the 2018 annual audit report to the conference.

Wang Junping pointed out in 2018 annual work report that the past year has been full of variables and challenges in the process of company development. In the face of international market trade war with the changeable environment, the domestic macro-economic downward pressure, big swings in commodity prices and a series of challenges, the company closely around the beginning of a series of work policy, goal oriented, and actively promote new economic sector and the traditional industry coordinated development strategy.

Wang Junping summed up: through the efforts to promote the integration of traditional and innovative resources, product innovation and research and development system has begun to take shape. Through the continuous promotion of lean management, the positive effects of cost reduction and improvement gradually appear. Through continuously deepening the market development of various business areas, the company's development potential continues to strengthen. He said that these achievements are the result of all the staff's silent dedication.

About 2019 work plan, Wang Junping put forward, in the face of opportunities and challenges in the business environment, the company should closely focus on the strategic objectives of the company's development, summarize and eliminate problems and deficiencies in previous work. Based on the new target requires innovation, cling to in the development of favorable factors, carry out all work to overcome difficulties solid propulsion, work together to jointly lead the company to start climbing high. Internal control should be optimized, conform to market trends. Investment in research and development should be increased to build the innovation and differentiation ability of the company. Grasp meticulous management in production to create market competitiveness. We need to effectively implement the core development priorities of reform, improving services, expanding markets and strengthening development.

Subsequently, the group commended the advanced collective and outstanding management cadres who made outstanding contributions in 2018, and encouraged them to continue to work hard and strive for better performance.

As an important part of the meeting, at the end of the meeting, Wang Liping, chairman of the group company, made a concluding speech to the meeting. He affirmed the achievements of the company in 2018, thanked the staff and cadres who are fighting in the front line, and made a judgment and analysis of the next development situation and predicted the plan.

Wang Liping pointed out that over the past 2018 year is a group company of the sixth five-year plan, in the past year group company with the strategy of "2 + 3 + 4" as the guide, to create brand, win public praise, seize the market, vigorously promote the intelligent production, management, refinement, diversification of marketing process. It has completed the production tasks of “improving quality, increasing efficiency, expanding production and increasing energy” and the objectives of the reform of "strengthening internal control and improving management ". It has achieved the overall goal of gradual extension, gradual expansion of scale and gradual promotion of transformation of industry.

Wang Liping said that to achieve the long-term goal of Guangbo’s transformation and upgrading, we need to continue to expand the depth and breadth of the industrial chain. We should dare to break through the shackles of traditional manufacturing industry and integrate innovative thinking into it. In terms of production and operation, we should strictly control costs, increase profits and realize scale production and sales. In terms of market development, we should increase the efforts of fans to develop, build a brand, and actively explore new modes of IP cooperation. Speed up the automation process and quality control, to achieve unmanned and intelligent production.

Wang Liping stressed that in the complex environment, we should firmly establish the core consciousness of "talent oriented, innovation as the root, and technology as the soul" to ensure the uninterrupted innovation elements of the company. We should build a "large-scale production, differentiated marketing, personalized service" modern production and operation system. We should quickly adjust the production process according to the change of production factors. Adjust product marketing strategy according to market reaction. Should actively optimize the industrial structure and realize the industry to advance toward the high refinement.

Finally, Wang Liping put forward a warm hope to the vast number of staff and cadres. He called on all the people to maintain enthusiasm, to maintain the drive, to maintain the style of diligence and simple, to maintain the courage to bear the original heart. In the past, we should actively summarize and face up bravely. Go all out for the present and have no regrets. Be open to the future and move forward. We should go forward hand in hand, overcome difficulties, create achievements and win-win future, and strive to create a broad and beautiful tomorrow.


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