New Year greetings, warm hearts
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In the brand new year, on the morning of February 11th, on the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, Wang Liping, chairman of Guangbo Group, and Wang Junping, general manager of Guangbo Group, together with all the senior leaders, walked into the branches and the front line of the production workshop to send holiday greetings to the workers who are working hard.

Everywhere he went, Wang Liping gave New Year greetings to his employees and asked them about their life and work during the festival. In the production workshop, Wang Liping shook hands with the front-line workers one by one and had cordial conversations with them. For many on-duty employees who still stuck to their posts and contributed silently during the Spring Festival, Wang Liping expressed his recognition and encouraged all employees to learn from them. He expressed his gratitude to the employees who had already been on the job and urged them to pay attention to production safety while arranging their work.

Consolation is more meaningful and warmer. Greetings and blessing not only let the majority of workers have a warm smile on the face, but also let everyone feel the really warmth of Gangbo Group. Finally, Wang Liping put forward high hopes for the employees. He said, hope whole Guangbo people can be down-to-earth, guard against arrogance and rashness, work diligently, dare to rush and fight bravely, and the quality of hard struggle and undaunted hardship, striving to achieve the goal of "a hundred year Guangbo" and to achieve their higher value of life.

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